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Fire and Water combine to form the principle of Pitta, lending their qualities of heat, penetration, fluidity and moistness to this dosha.

The term Pitta means "Bile", hinting at this dosha's ability to transform, for example, food into nutrients. All functions relating to heat production and metabolism are governed by Pitta. Pitta also governs the process of digestion, the liver and blood, the endocrine system, eyesight and the complexion of the skin.

Healthy Pitta shows as a strong digestive system, soft and radiant skin, keen intellect, strong willpower, ambition and organisation.

An excess of Pitta may manifest in conditions such as inflammation, burning sensations, bleeding conditions, excessive sweating, eye sensitivity, excess heat in the digestive system (leading to loose stools or acid reflux), vitiation of the blood (leading to skin conditions such as eczema or rashes), feelings of frustration, anger and being overly critical.

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