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Ayu meaning life, and veda meaning knowledge or science, is essentially the knowledge of life span. Dating back several thousand years, Ayurveda is considered divine knowledge, passed down from teacher to student at the foothills of the Himalayas during an enlightened age. It is a multi system approach to wellbeing, holding wisdom that transcends time. It is still a relevant science today and can stand alone or easily be integrated alongside other systems of medicine. 


The science and art of Ayurveda has been refined over thousands of years.  It can be used purely as a vehicle for health maintenance or as a key part of a comprehensive treatment plan for therapeutic purposes to treat a variety of conditions. Oils are infused with herbs, which enhances their potency. This allows the therapist to customise any treatment to the needs of their client. As such, when combined with a knowledge of bodywork techniques and the healing sense of touch, the results can be a profound sense of balance and wellbeing.

As well as alleviating pain, massage has many health benefits including nourished skin leading to luminosity and radiance, muscle and joint flexibility, improved sleep, increased energy levels, longevity, better eyesight and improved digestive function to name but a few. Ayurveda recommends daily massage for optimum health and it can be self administered as part of Dinacharya (daily routine).    

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