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Body Treatments


Abhyanga/ Ayurvedic full body oil massage             

60/90 mins

Warm herb-infused oil massage, using customised oil tailored to the individual needs of the client. 

pristha abhyanga/back massage                                        

30/45 mins

Warm oil massage, localised to concentrate on a specific area of tension - or simply a quick treatment for those short on time but in need of relaxation.

Marma abhyanga/ pressure point massage                        

90 mins

Similar to the full body massage but with focus on the 107 main meridians according to Ayurveda. Helps to clear physical and emotional blocks. A deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment.

Pinda Sweda / herbal bolus oil massage                      

45 / 90 mins

Herbal poultices are dipped in warm oil to give a nourishing and heating treatment. It is very beneficial for relieving joint and muscle pain, as well as helping to detoxify the body. This can be a full body treatment, or localised.

udvartana / detoxifying scrub massage                            

60 mins

A detoxifying treatment using a herbal scrub with warm oil. Traditionally used as part of a weight loss programme, with the added benefit of giving lustre to the complexion and leaving skin soft and radiant.

Abdominal Massage                                                                                

45 mins

A comforting massage that can help to alleviate digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. The marma energy points are stimulated allowing the body to be more easily detoxified. It has also been known to be helpful in gynaecological issues such as endometriosis and fertility as part of a treatment plan. When done as a series of treatments, it can help to restore tone to the abdominal muscles and aid weight loss by reigniting digestive function.

Pada Abhyanga / Aurvedic foot massage                            

45 mins

This rejuvenating yet grounding treatment brings relief to tired feet and legs. Marma point therapy from knee to foot soothes aching muscles, alleviates cramp, fatigue, varicose veins and swelling.

Kati basti / lower back                                                                  

60 mins

As with the basti treatments listed below, this type of  treatment, is unique to Ayurveda. A well made of dough is placed on the lower back and a stream of warm herbal oil is poured in. It is effective in lower back issues such as sciatica, chronic pain and nerve disorders.

Greeva Basti / upper back and neck treatment                

60 mins

Warm herbal oil bath for the neck. Wonderfully therapeutic treatment for the neck and upper back and can help with chronic pain, frozen shoulder,  nerves and issues related to the cervical spine.

Hrydaya bastı / heart chakra treatment                            

60 mins

This wonderfully nurturing treatment involves a well of warm herbal oil on the centre of the chest. It is great to help soothe anxiety and grief, palpitations and nervousness. It leads to a sense of openness in the heart.

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