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Herbs and spices from our kitchen cupboards to the himalayas can be used in Ayurveda.


The Ayurvedic approach to nutrition allows for flexible and intuitive eating, as long as we understand what works for us. What's good for one person may be unhealthy for another, so it requires us to create a bespoke and personalised plan. As we work together, we can begin to untangle long-standing habits and patterns of eating that could be contributing to poor health. 


Herbal remedies are recommended, if needed, to help kick-start the way back to health along with food and lifestyle changes. This is done after the consultation as a full history needs to be taken before a tailored formula is created. 

After 1 month / 6 weeks, we will reassess the formula to see if it needs to be adjusted. All herbs are certified organic and UK regulated.

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