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A shirodhara treatment, were a continuous stream of warm oil is poured on to the forehead. Good for stress and anxiety related to vata dosha.

Head & Face


shirodhara / warm oil flow                                  

60 mins

Known as the king of treatments, shirodhara is a powerful treatment that has been likened to meditation by those who have experienced it. A continuous stream of warm, medicated oil is poured on the pituitary point, which has a profound effect on the nervous system.It is a wonderful tool in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, tension headaches and many more stress related conditions of the mind,  especially when received as a series of treatments. As a bonus it strengthens and conditions hair and the scalp.

Mukha Abhyanga / facelift massage            

30/45 mins

Ayurvedic face lift massage using herb-infused warm oil, stimulating and detoxifying the marma points. A rejuvenating treatment  to reduce wrinkles and slow down signs of ageing, giving your complexion a youthful glow.

Shiro abhyanga / Indian head massage      

30/45 mins

Indian head massage is an invigorating massage using warm herb-infused oil to stimulate the scalp and release tension in the head and neck. Benefits include prevention of hair loss and  slowing down premature greying. 

nasya / nasal treatment                                          

45 mins

This cleansing  nasal  treatment helps to decongest and awaken the head region. It is especially beneficial for those with allergies and prone to sinus congestion and pain. Promotes clarity of mind, alleviates headaches and sleep ailments. Oiling helps to protect the nasal passage from excessive dryness and inflammation, particularly in the colder months.

Karana purana / ear treatment                          

60 mins

Medicated oil is gently poured into each ear in turn, helping to clear congestion, alleviate ear pain and conditions such as tinnitus. 

akshitarpana / eye treatment                              

60 mins

A surprisingly soothing treatment for irritated, burning or sore eyes. Beneficial in itching and watering due to allergies. A well of dough is moulded around the eyes and medicated ghee/clarified butter is gently poured into the well until the eyes are covered. It also promotes good eyesight.

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